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First Impressions Count!

Every company needs an identity: Your corporate identity is your company’s ‘personality’, encompassing its vision, principles, and values. Individuals are usually judged by the initial impression they put across; likewise, your customers will be judging your company on how it portrays itself to the world. Consequently, you need to send out the right message to your target audience, and that’s where Rebound comes in. Using the right brand, we can help your company work towards creating a positive image, building loyalty and trust among your customers.

Corporate Logo Design

When you meet someone, the first thing you notice is often their appearance. Likewise, your logo will frequently be the first association customers have with your business. Thereafter, this visual impression remains a fast effective way to represent and manifest your company to people. In moulding your business identity, logo creation is normally the starting point, as the logo influences all pieces of an identity system. The institutional colours it features for instance will be included throughout your corporate design. A logo in itself does not constitute the image of a company; rather, it should embody the underlying philosophy and principles.

Audiolab across-the-board corporate branding is an easy way to co-ordinate your company's image both on and offline; we can ensure on your business' behalf a consistent and professional identity which is invaluable for promoting and reinforcing your brand.

Our advertising material design service includes:

  • posters      
  • leaflets      
  • booklets     
  • product catalogues

Meanwhile for your branded stationery needs, Audiolab can take care of designs for:

  • namecards
  • letterheads
  • envelopes

Your company is then ready to step out in style and show off its new look to the audience of potential customers who are waiting to meet you.

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