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In 21 st Century, all industries do not only work hard on product quality, they also try to strengthen their product image, and aim to become systematic brand name manufacturer.

Our company “Audio Lab Company” is a one-step end-to-end marketing planning and design consulting firm. Our Mission is to make use of our professional analysis to tailor make a marketing plan for our valuable customers and provide a one-stop service to our customers to satisfy our customer’s needs. Our services include corporate image design, marketing positioning, selling and promotion strategy, etc. We are aim to help our customers to increase their competitiveness in the market, and efficiently build up their own business empire.

In further detail, “Audio Lab” is committed to develop a product’s image in the market and ensure your company image is of the highest quality. Our one-stop service includes :

  • Advertising consultation, planning and development
  • Exhibition organizing and promotion
  • Multi-media development
  • Overall corporate image design
  • Re-organizing marketing position of band
  • Interior & Environment design proposal consultant
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