Corporate Identity Design

Our approach to creating memorable corporate identities that make our clients reach market leading positions.!

Corporate image planning represents the first step in corporate brand marketing. With the advancement of technology, people have become accustomed to searching and understanding a company’s product sales and operating philosophy on the Internet. Whether the corporate design is professional or not will also directly affect the company’s brand image, especially for companies that require various image design solutions as the main way to operate, and the image building of the website is also the customer’s first impression of the company. This kind of impression plays a key role in building brand image and generating customer trust. Therefore, qualified enterprises should strive to reflect the unique image of the enterprise in their image design and construction, attract more customers to patronize, and expand the market share of the enterprise.

Audio Lab Design is one of the most innovative brand design companies in the industry, assisting customers in various industries with branding, strategy and design needs. We are committed to providing each customer with comprehensive marketing consulting, strategic communication and effective project design. Since 2000, we have provided a series of exclusive and unique brands to different customer groups including small and medium-sized enterprises, retail, manufacturing and multinational companies Strategy/planning and design services to assist companies in achieving their goals and ideals. We provide comprehensive services, from concept to implementation, and can present the final perfect results within effective timeliness.

As an creator of brand and image, we have a highly mature brand strategy and highly creative designers, provide a variety of creative ideas, and strive to create unique, clear and attractive brands for customers.

Planning Solution

Advertising consultation, planning and development

Corporate Identity 

Overall corporate image design

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Re-organizing marketing position of band

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Graphic & multimedia   

The How : Branding Strategically

While everyone speaks about strategy, when asked to give a detailed description of what strategy is, many are at a loss for words. You’d be surprised how many C-level executives cannot tell you the difference between strategy, tactics, goals, and objectives. We see strategy as a connection between the high level ideas for the business and execution of actually moving towards this ideal.

Our Clients

Since we first opened our doors for business, we’ve been quick to develop innovative ideas and concepts to sharpen both our partners’ and our own competitive edges.

If you would like to consolidate your brand activation activities, look no further than Audio Lab. By choosing us as your marketing partner, you ensure you’ll get the brand integrity and consistency you need. We’ll help you deliver brand messaging and achieve your marketing goals on a global basis.

Experienced in design and implementation of both individual campaigns and integrated solutions, our total brand activation teams can deliver real benefits for your business. They can enable you to generate desired returns on your marketing budgets through effective brand strategies and promotional tactics.